Our first project: The CEMENT Exhibition, November 2017

Let’s start at the beginning. Well, the sort of beginning.

November 2017, my first job working on Ferrajean, and I didn’t even know it yet.

2 months prior, I had begun my first job in the adult world of work, at an Events company as a Junior Marketing Executive and a passion for marketing had started to grow within me.

Fast-forward two months, to mid November 2017, and I was enjoying breakfast at my best friend’s house after a sleepover. This best friend is FJ’s founder’s sister, Saskia Jean-Charles, and she was getting ready to go to an exhibition where her sister, Lucille’s, fashion work was being shown. I was then told 15 minutes before she had to leave, in pure Saskia fashion, that I was to go with her. It was a rush of getting ready and swallowing the last of my breakfast, before we were out the door and in an uber to Shoreditch.

We arrived at a small studio space in which Lucille and her friends from uni were showcasing their work; from paintings and dresses to videography. We spent the afternoon setting up Lucille’s wall, setting out her business cards and sign-up sheets and helping Saskia, who was modelling, to get ready. The more I got involved, the more I loved being a part of the project and the more I thought about my love of marketing. And that is when, just before the doors opened for the guests, I asked Lucille if she wanted me to market her. My experience was limited and I hadn’t studied marketing before my job, but luckily she agreed! And this was where the journey began.

The exhibition was a success! We managed to fill up over half of our sign-up sheet and many attendees were amazed by Lucille’s talent at hand-making her pieces, as was I. I began to see a real community building and I got excited about what was to come of Ferrajean.

From that moment forward, Lucille, Saskia and I have been working on building Ferrajean as a company and all of our efforts paid off last Wednesday when our site launched!

For the past few months that I have been working on Ferrajean, the Jean-Charles family have became like a second home for me and I can’t thank them enough for all of their free food and ubers πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see what happens next with Ferrajean and I hope that you can come along for the ride!


Photo taken at the CEMENT Exhibition, November 2017, Shoreditch

By FJ Marketer, Abby Doherty x


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