About Us

Hello and welcome to the Ferrajean Family! 



Ferrajean Founder: Lucille Jean-Charles

Age: 20

Likes: Food, Fashion and Family

Insta: @lucillejean_ @ferrajean

After finishing her Fashion Foundation Degree at Ravensborne University, Lucille decided put her dream into action, and start her own fashion brand. The name ‘Ferrajean’ comes from the two halves of her parents’ names joined together, and symbolises the importance of family and how they are always behind her.

Ferrajean Model: Saskia Jean-Charles 

Age: 19

Likes: Food, her cat and Big Shaq

Insta: @saskiajc

Saskia is Lucille’s younger sister and is Ferrajean’s resident model. She likes to spend her time skating, shopping and watching Horrid Henry. Her nickname in her family is ‘caca’, translated to ‘poo’ in English. She is known to look similar to the clown ‘Pennywise’ when angry and loves galaxy chocolate.

Ferrajean Marketer: Abby Doherty

Age: 19

Likes: Vegan food, Harry Potter and travelling

Insta: @abbyd_fj @abbybubble

That brings us to the author of this blog, me! I am the main marketer for Ferrajean and met Lucille via my best friend Saskia, and we have been working on Ferrajean for the past few months. I am currently on my gap year and will be attending university in Autumn. The Ferrajean team have become my second family while I have been working on this project and I can’t wait to see where it takes us!