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Hi! I'm Abby, 19 years old and I work as a marketer for new fashion brand Ferrajean and am studying my BA degree in Paris. My blog is a real mix of life, style, travel and advice, I hope you can join me on this journey!

Having confidence and dealing with anxiety

Welcome back! I’ve been ill for the past week due to the lovely London weather, but I’m back and ready for another post!

Before I get into this post, here is a quick update on what Ferrajean is doing for February. This month, we have some exciting news! We may or may not be releasing a brand new ‘Red collection’, so keep an eye out on our social media 😉

Today I wanted to focus on being confident and dealing with anxiety.

From personal experience, I have always viewed confidence as something that is beyond my reach. Being a naturally shy person, I prefer to stay in the background and get anxious if I am asked to speak up. However, in the past year I have realised that using my voice shouldn’t be something that I am afraid of, and that having confidence shouldn’t be impossible.

Since I have began working for Ferrajean, social media has become a bigger part of my life. In some ways it has been a good thing; I have been inspired by other accounts who are on missions to spread positivity and it allows me to connect with people from all over the world. On the other hand, there are constant comparisons between other people’s appearances and content, and who looks or is perceived as ‘the best’.

People who are influenced by social media can begin to compare themselves constantly to the people around them. This can then lead them to feel insecure and guilty about not fitting into a socially accepted mould. Confidence is no longer something for yourself, but something that pleases other people. However, if you are dressing and acting for the pleasure of other people, you will eventually find that you are no longer in control of your life.

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand when you feel as though you are spiralling out of control. Whether social media or other factors are making you feel like your life is no longer yours, I want you to remember these two things.

Number 1: Breathe

When everything feels out of control, take some back by focusing on your breathing. Anxiety increases your heart-rate to a sometimes overwhelmingly high-frequency beat and focusing on slowing your breathing down can help reduce your anxiety. Find a space where you can be alone and just focus on inhaling and exhaling. By shifting your focus, your mind won’t be continually dwelling on what has made you anxious, if only for a little while.

Number 2: There is always a way

A situation may seem impossible to get out of. A problem may seem unsolvable. At the time of feeling extremely anxious or depressed you will feel as though there is no way out and that you are going to feel like this forever. But I am here to tell you that there is a way out. It may not be easy or fast, but there is a way and you should focus on the fact that there will always be a way. The purpose of terrible things happening in life will not be clear to us when they happen, but, I have found, the reason for many things plays out later down the line. So focus on yourself and your well-being, and eventually you will find a way.

As this post comes to a close, I would like to mention that I am not a qualified psychiatrist and my advice comes from personal experience. But I am here to talk to, if anyone feels a loss of control or motivation. Not only do I want this blog to thrive with ‘behind the scenes’ content, but I also want it to be a platform to share my voice and help others.

This time last year, I didn’t think that I would have the confidence to post on a blog or even be part of a fashion brand, but if your confidence comes from yourself and is for yourself, it is no longer scary.

So I leave you with a sneaky behind the scenes photo of a new piece from Ferrajean, starring yours truly (doing an impression of the dancing woman emoji), to show that even the shyest people can have confidence in themselves.


From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Behind the Sketch: ‘Flawed Beauty’

Welcome back everyone! Before I get into today’s post, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported this blog so far; it means a lot to everyone at Ferrajean!

Today I want to start a new series called ‘Behind the Sketch’. Almost every designer, artist or dreamer has sketched out their ideas on a napkin or scrap of paper. It is always so empowering to see people post pictures of their initial sketch of a dream and show how far they have come since they first put pen or pencil to paper.

This has inspired me to show you the exclusive behind-the-scenes sketches of the pieces that have so far come to life. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with us and you may just be inspired yourself!

The inspiration behind ‘Flawed Beauty’

Lucille first came up with the concept for the ‘Flawed Beauty’ dress from a project that she was working on at university.

Her focus was to combine something beautiful with something that was considered rough and ugly. From this, she had the idea of bringing the cut of a dress together using a chain. She viewed the chain as a rough material that is typically associated with being unrefined and aggressive. Through making the chain the main feature of the dress, in that it held the design together, she symbolised how something that is viewed as rough and primitive, can also be beautiful, if you look at it from a new perspective.

She originally decided to use satin as the main material for the dress but, upon finding a a shade of deep pink suede, she felt that this was a better fit. The suede, paired with the chain, emulated how something can be both beautiful and strong simultaneously.

20180130_183144                          IMG-20171119-WA0007

Sketches are available to view in the Gallery

Stay tuned for more like this, coming soon!

From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Our Second Mission: The Launch, January 2018

Hello again and welcome back! Great to see you here 🙂

My second post on this blog will follow on from the last and continue the story of how Ferrajean came to be.

Let’s start from where we left off- in November 2017, just after the CEMENT Exhibition.

On November 18th 2017, the social media platforms for Ferrajean were created. Lucille and I sat in her living room, in the warmth of their fireplace and High School Musical 2 playing in the background, and began to build our online voices.

We first created Ferrajean’s main Instagram @ferrajean, and then proceeded to create my separate, behind the scenes account (@abbyd_fj) and our Twitter, @fjcouture. It was the beginning of, what I believe, to be an empowering and beautiful journey towards making our brand known.

Although we are still in the very beginning of building our brand, I think that, no matter how small your start-up is, you have a voice and a presence, and therefore, a responsibility to spread positivity. And this is one of the main things that we aim to do with our brand.

Now, back to the story. Social media? Check. Launch? Good question.

As 2017 was drawing to a close, we were deciding on the deadline for the launch and how we would balance everything. But, it was less of a job to us and more of something that we enjoyed spending time on and seeing it grow. Our business meetings consisted of snaking on Oreos and Dorritos while discussing our website and deadlines, with frequent breaks to decorate the Christmas tree and break out into dance. Don’t let the festivities fool you though! In between dancing and snacking, we set the deadline for the launch for January 17th and began our campaigns.

Coming up to the launch, we sent out an email campaign to people who had subscribed to our website (who got a 15% discount ;)) and spread the message and date on social media.

Our website was up and ready for orders on Wednesday 17th January at 4pm, and it was a relief to see all of our efforts accumulate to this moment. It represented what we had been working on for the past few months, and it was a great accomplishment.

This brings us to now.

We are growing as a community and continue to build our online presence. New collections are being made as I write this, and we hope to reach more people in the coming year.

As for now, I am excited to see what is coming next!

Stay tuned for more like this, coming soon.

FJ Marketer, Abby x


Our first project: The CEMENT Exhibition, November 2017

Let’s start at the beginning. Well, the sort of beginning.

November 2017, my first job working on Ferrajean, and I didn’t even know it yet.

2 months prior, I had begun my first job in the adult world of work, at an Events company as a Junior Marketing Executive and a passion for marketing had started to grow within me.

Fast-forward two months, to mid November 2017, and I was enjoying breakfast at my best friend’s house after a sleepover. This best friend is FJ’s founder’s sister, Saskia Jean-Charles, and she was getting ready to go to an exhibition where her sister, Lucille’s, fashion work was being shown. I was then told 15 minutes before she had to leave, in pure Saskia fashion, that I was to go with her. It was a rush of getting ready and swallowing the last of my breakfast, before we were out the door and in an uber to Shoreditch.

We arrived at a small studio space in which Lucille and her friends from uni were showcasing their work; from paintings and dresses to videography. We spent the afternoon setting up Lucille’s wall, setting out her business cards and sign-up sheets and helping Saskia, who was modelling, to get ready. The more I got involved, the more I loved being a part of the project and the more I thought about my love of marketing. And that is when, just before the doors opened for the guests, I asked Lucille if she wanted me to market her. My experience was limited and I hadn’t studied marketing before my job, but luckily she agreed! And this was where the journey began.

The exhibition was a success! We managed to fill up over half of our sign-up sheet and many attendees were amazed by Lucille’s talent at hand-making her pieces, as was I. I began to see a real community building and I got excited about what was to come of Ferrajean.

From that moment forward, Lucille, Saskia and I have been working on building Ferrajean as a company and all of our efforts paid off last Wednesday when our site launched!

For the past few months that I have been working on Ferrajean, the Jean-Charles family have became like a second home for me and I can’t thank them enough for all of their free food and ubers 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens next with Ferrajean and I hope that you can come along for the ride!


Photo taken at the CEMENT Exhibition, November 2017, Shoreditch

By FJ Marketer, Abby Doherty x