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Fashion history

Exploring fashion history throughout the decades and pop culture. If you don’t know what Antwerp 6, Osaka 5 is, or you are interested what characterised fashion of certain times, here you will find your answers. 

  • Y2K Fashion 2023 Trends: What’s In, What’s Out
    Thinking about good old times we want to evoke their spirit and the best way to do that is through fashion. Y2K style was a rejection of minimalism of the last decade and was very bold and eye-catching. We no longer see streamlined silhouettes that were one of the fashion trends of the 90s. Let’s … Read more
  • Most popular 1990s fashion trends 
    After the decade of exuberance 90s fashion took an opposite trajectory. 90s fashion trends consisted of pieces that were accessible for everyone. Graphic t-shirts, flannel shirts and mom jeans were all you needed at these times. Everyday fashion in the 90’s was dominated by boxy and casual clothes. Thrifting clothes started to become a trend and sneaker culture flourished.
  • Fashion of the 1980’s
    Welcome to a thrilling journey through time as we explore fashion of the 1980’s. Known for its flamboyance, excess, and bold experimentation, the ’80s left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. From power dressing to pop culture influences, this decade was a melting pot of styles that continue to inspire designers and fashion enthusiasts … Read more
  • Looking back at the 70’s fashion
    Have you ever been invited to the 70’s themed party, but didn’t know what to wear? In this article I will explore the fashion of the 70’s, so that you no longer have to guess. Let “That ’70s Show” begin and tune in the disco mode. What influenced fashion of the 1970’s? Fashion always responds … Read more
  • Exploring fashion of the 60 s
    The 60’s was the decade when the fashion world changed to how we know it today. It no longer served only affluent, mature clients but started to embrace youth and street style. Consumptionism reached its peak in the 60 s, which was accentuated by art movements like pop art. Fashion of the 60 s welcomed … Read more
  • Everything about Fashion of the 1950’s
    Fashion of the 1950’s was more than embracing the “New Look”. Let’s see what set a direction for fashion of the 1950’s and style characteristics. What influenced fashion of the 1950’s? After hard times of the previous decade there was again joy in life. The gradual economical growth influenced 1950’s fashion. Men were glad to … Read more