Ferrajean – Elegance Reinvented

What is Ferrajean?

Ferrajean is an up and coming fashion couture brand that launched in January 2018. Founded by 20 year old fashion student, Lucille Jean-Charles, Ferrajean takes couture to a new level as she incorporates materials that are usually viewed as ‘rough’ and ‘unattractive’ into beautiful statement pieces of fashion. As a brand, we want to celebrate every body type, skin colour and personality and our mission is to help other find their inner beauty, and express it through fashion.

What is this blog about?

That takes us to me, hello! I’m Abby and I am currently working with Lucille on marketing Ferrajean. This blog will take you behind the scenes of Ferrajean and what’s going on in my life. From photoshoots to exams to travel! It’s going to be a mix but I hope you join me on this journey!

So come and join our Ferrajean Family and embark on this journey with us!