Our Second Mission: The Launch, January 2018

Hello again and welcome back! Great to see you here πŸ™‚

My second post on this blog will follow on from the last and continue the story of how Ferrajean came to be.

Let’s start from where we left off- in November 2017, just after the CEMENT Exhibition.

On November 18th 2017, the social media platforms for Ferrajean were created. Lucille and I sat in her living room, in the warmth of their fireplace and High School Musical 2 playing in the background, and began to build our online voices.

We first created Ferrajean’s main Instagram @ferrajean, and then proceeded to create my separate, behind the scenes account (@abbyd_fj) and our Twitter, @fjcouture. It was the beginning of, what I believe, to be an empowering and beautiful journey towards making our brand known.

Although we are still in the very beginning of building our brand, I think that, no matter how small your start-up is, you have a voice and a presence, and therefore, a responsibility to spread positivity. And this is one of the main things that we aim to do with our brand.

Now, back to the story. Social media? Check. Launch? Good question.

As 2017 was drawing to a close, we were deciding on the deadline for the launch and how we would balance everything. But, it was less of a job to us and more of something that we enjoyed spending time on and seeing it grow. Our business meetings consisted of snaking on Oreos and Dorritos while discussing our website and deadlines, with frequent breaks to decorate the Christmas tree and break out into dance. Don’t let the festivities fool you though! In between dancing and snacking, we set the deadline for the launch for January 17th and began our campaigns.

Coming up to the launch, we sent out an email campaign to people who had subscribed to our website (who got a 15% discount ;)) and spread the message and date on social media.

Our website was up and ready for orders on Wednesday 17th January at 4pm, and it was a relief to see all of our efforts accumulate to this moment. It represented what we had been working on for the past few months, and it was a great accomplishment.

This brings us to now.

We are growing as a community and continue to build our online presence. New collections are being made as I write this, and we hope to reach more people in the coming year.

As for now, I am excited to see what is coming next!

Stay tuned for more like this, coming soon.

FJ Marketer, Abby x