Minimalism and why it matters

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” – Lao Tzu

minimalism and why it matters

Hello and welcome back!

Here at Ferrajean, we are working on some pretty exciting and secret projects that will be revealed in due course…;) Our founder, Lucille, is busy sewing away at our new collections and our brand new website will be up and running within the next few weeks! Stay tuned for updates by checking out our social platforms!

Today I want to focus on something a little different. Minimalism.

Defined by Merriam-Webster, minimalism is a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity”. 

In today’s age, we are hoarders. We keep things that we no longer need or use. We throw them in the unknown corners of our rooms where remnants of the past have re-located. Why? It’s different for everyone. For me, I guess it’s to hold onto fond memories of childhood and to get that rushing sense of nostalgia when we remember what is in those forgotten corners. But recently, the idea of being a minimalist has become more and more appealing.

When people think of minimalism, they usually imagine a sparse room with empty walls and only the basic necessities. But this isn’t what minimalism is. It goes beyond the physical items you own and goes deep into what makes you you. When you invest more of your interests into the objects you own and less into the experiences you have, you start to miss out on really living in the moment.

For example, are you someone who wants to capture a fun experience with friends on your phone? Take those funny photos with the intention of looking back on them later or posting them on social media. I am one of those people, but I have recently tried to keep my phone in my bag and live in the moment. Yes, those pictures captured amazing moments but what’s the point if you weren’t truly present? That, to me, is minimalism. Living simply for the sake of enjoying the moments we have.

In the past, I have been reluctant to give away old clothes or school books. Even though I didn’t need them, I felt that I was saying goodbye to a part of my life that I wouldn’t get back. But recently, I pushed myself to fill a bag of things I rarely use and give them to charity. And it was fine. I didn’t feel like I had lost anything; I actually felt like I had gained more freedom and space (literally).

So that’s why it matters. The less attention we pay to material things means we can pay more attention to what really matters. The people and experiences around us. We don’t need to capture every moment on our Snapchat stories. We should take comfort in knowing that we are lucky enough to experience what we have experienced and to have what we have.

What are your thoughts on minimalism? I’d love to know!

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Behind the Scenes of a Ferrajean Photo-shoot!

amigos 2

Taken by Darius Knetsch,starring (left to right) Abby Doherty, Lucille Jean-Charles and Saskia Jean-Charles, 9/4/18

Hello everyone and welcome back!

It has been just over a month since I last posted (sorry!) but I am back and ready to share some exclusive behind-the-scenes goodness!

On 9th April 2018, the Ferrajean team took to South East London to have their second photo-shoot! It was a mad rush of getting everything to fit in a few suitcases, making sure we hadn’t lost anyone and braving the freezing cold weather. Despite how hectic the day was though, we managed to get the photos we were aiming for and bonded more as a team.

Today I will share some of our favourite photos from the day and I will later post more in-depth details from the day; so stay tuned!


  ‘Embellished Love’ Jumpsuit paired with white EGO heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


‘Be Jewelled’ two piece outfit paired with white EGO heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


‘Make Me Wild’ two piece outfit paired with nude heels, starring Saskia Jean-Charles


‘Make Me Wild’ dress paired with chunky nude heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


Elegant red dress paired with white heels, starring Lucille Jean-Charles


(impromptu photo-shoot when we got home because Kamara fell in love with the ‘Make Me Wild’ trousers 🙂 #boujee)

‘Make Me Wild’ trousers paired with a long-sleeved black crop top, starring Kamara Atkinson

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak-peek into what Ferrajean will be releasing soon!

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We are currently in the process of having a website make-over and our new website, with the above pieces available, will be up soon!

If you are interested in modelling for Ferrajean please message Lucille or I on Instagram or email us at and

(All pieces are hand-made by our extremely talented founder Lucille and all photos were taken by Darius Knetsch, apart from the last one taken by Lucille)

Until next time!

From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Love Luce: How to Style a Yellow Faux Fur Coat

Hey guys, welcome back! We are starting a new series on here in which, Ferrajean founder, Lucille will be posting about how she styles her wardrobe and her FJ pieces. We hope you enjoy! 😉

How to Style a Yellow Faux Fur Coat 

Hey guys, Luce here!

I have also done a YouTube video over on my channel (linked above) if you want to see the coat in action 😉 Anyways, onto the post!

I bought this coat from Missguided.

At first I was sceptical about buying it because of the colour. Would it go with anything in my wardrobe? How often would I wear it? But then I thought, you only live once and life is too short to just have boring colours in your closet! So I bought it!


I have no regrets! I get a lot of comments from people when I wear this coat. The most common being “I can see you from a mile away” lol. It’s a great conversation starter.

A con I found, when I first started wearing it, was that I found it hard to match it with my outfits, because the colour is so bright. The looks I have done in my video are mainly all black outfits. Black and white go with everything; my mum always told me that when I was growing up. But there’s no harm in switching it up and experimenting with different colours.


The last outfit in my video included more colour because I found some pinks that went really well with the yellow. Denim goes well with a lot of bright colours, so my jeans complimented the coat well. Although, I think you have to find the right colour denim because I feel like some bleached denim or very light coloured denim can make the outfit look a bit childish, with the yellow.


The big pro of this is that it is so unbelievably warm!!!! And, coming from someone who is always cold (and lives in England), that is saying something! It’s amazing to wear this in winter too because you can wear a little revealing outfit underneath and still feel toastie!


I would love to hear your styling tips and tricks for wearing a statement piece of clothing like this coat so don’t forget to comment below!

I will be back soon with an exclusive look into what is to come from Ferrajean 😉

Thank you all for reading! Until next time.

Love, Luce xxx

Behind the Sketch: ‘Embellished Love’

Hello and welcome back to another ‘Behind the Sketch’ of Ferrajean!

Today we will be exploring the story and inspiration behind one of Ferrajean’s newest and upcoming pieces, ‘Embellished Love’.

‘Embellished Love’ began as a piece of red embroidery that caught the eye of our Founder and Designer, Lucille. What attracted her to this material in particular, was its deep wine red colour and intricate beaded detailing.

The deep red is reminiscent and universally symbolic of ‘love’ and ‘romance’ and so inspired Lucille to create a piece that embodied such symbols. Yet, the inspiration and idea goes further than the surface. The embroidered detail reminded Lucille of love that has been broken, but also still exists.

‘Embellished’ is defined as ‘to make (something) more attractive by the addition of decorative details or features.’ In relation to ‘love’, a relationship can be embellished with material things, money and falsities, to make it appear ‘more attractive’ to the outside world, but the truth will ultimately still exist beyond the surface.

Lucille used this concept to create a jumpsuit that is relatively translucent in areas, to symbolise seeing through the material and below the surface. She then hand-cut the material left over and used it to cover the more intimate areas of the body, to symbolise how material things in an ’embellished’ relationship can offer a form of validation and protection from the outside world.

On the lighter side, the detailing and snug fit of the jumpsuit makes it perfect for glamorous occasions, nights out and will ensure you are red-carpet ready.

The piece is daring and goes great with confidence 😉

If you would like to model our jumpsuit or partner with Ferrajean, feel free to email

Below is the original sketch of ‘Embellished Love’ –


Below is the finished jumpsuit –

The jumpsuit will be available to buy on the very soon! Keep up with our social media to be updated!

See you all soon!

From FJ Marketer, Abby x









“You are beautiful because you are alive.” + Behind the Scenes of FJ’s new ‘Embellished Love’ coming soon!

Hello and welcome back! It has been just over a week since I last posted, and I want to thank everyone who supported my last post about anxiety. It was a very cathartic and new experience for me, to give a personal insight into my life, but I am glad that I was able to share. I hope that you will continue on this journey with Ferrajean and I!

Truthfully, this post was supposed to go up on 14th February, Valentine’s day. My plan was to write about how self-love should become a common practice, and not just on one day of the year. However, although I believe that loving yourself is extremely important and fundamental, I want to focus on another, similar, topic. Our perception of ‘beauty’.

‘On Being Ugly’ – a video by karakamos

Last year, I came across a viral video called ‘On Being Ugly’. There are many videos on YouTube that encourage people to stop obsessing about how they look, how they are judged by others and to believe that we are all beautiful. This video, however, is different. Young You Tuber, ‘karakamos’, explains, with raw honesty, how she sees herself as ‘ugly’ and how that isn’t a bad thing unless it stops you from doing what you love. She explains that if she is excited about something, or is enjoying being somewhere, how she looks is the last thing on her mind. But, like all of us, she admits that there are a lot of times when her appearance gets her down.

What stuck with me was when she explained that, when she is feeling bad, she reminds herself that she is beautiful simply because she is alive. Because she is breathing and moving and doing things. And that is beautiful. I think when we step back and take a look at the world around us, and how we function within our world, it really is quite amazing. Everything that we are able to do, from breathing to walking on the moon, as humans, is beautiful and extraordinary. Having the ability to love one another and share the beauty of the world around us, is a spectacular thing that a lot of us take for granted.

Put into perspective, how well you fit into societal standards becomes minute and irrelevant. The things that you do and the people you meet should be what matters, not how you looked while doing them. As a species, I think we are all intricate, complex and pretty amazing creatures. We make mistakes and errors, we cry and get agitated, but we also smile, laugh and love. There is too much conflict in this world to take the beauty and kindness in our everyday lives for granted.

Karakamos beautifully explained that it is okay to not be okay and ‘ugliness’ shouldn’t be seen as something that stops you from living your life and being happy. We are all inherently beautiful because we are living things and physical features shouldn’t define us as beings.

Speaking of beautiful things, FJ founder Lucille, has been working on her new ‘Red Collection’ which will be available online soon!

An exclusive ‘Behind the Sketch’ post will also be up very soon, explaining the inspiration behind one of her new pieces ‘Embellished Love’, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, thank you for reaching the end of this post, and I hope that when you are ever in doubt of your existence and worth, remember that you are beautiful and meaningful because you are alive, and that is pretty amazing.

I believe that we were put on this Earth for a reason. And I think, perhaps, that reason is to live and not just exist.

I leave you with a blurry picture of 14 year-old me, living life on the best school trip ever to Rome, and not caring what the mirror told me.

happy in rome

From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Having confidence and dealing with anxiety

Welcome back! I’ve been ill for the past week due to the lovely London weather, but I’m back and ready for another post!

Before I get into this post, here is a quick update on what Ferrajean is doing for February. This month, we have some exciting news! We may or may not be releasing a brand new ‘Red collection’, so keep an eye out on our social media 😉

Today I wanted to focus on being confident and dealing with anxiety.

From personal experience, I have always viewed confidence as something that is beyond my reach. Being a naturally shy person, I prefer to stay in the background and get anxious if I am asked to speak up. However, in the past year I have realised that using my voice shouldn’t be something that I am afraid of, and that having confidence shouldn’t be impossible.

Since I have began working for Ferrajean, social media has become a bigger part of my life. In some ways it has been a good thing; I have been inspired by other accounts who are on missions to spread positivity and it allows me to connect with people from all over the world. On the other hand, there are constant comparisons between other people’s appearances and content, and who looks or is perceived as ‘the best’.

People who are influenced by social media can begin to compare themselves constantly to the people around them. This can then lead them to feel insecure and guilty about not fitting into a socially accepted mould. Confidence is no longer something for yourself, but something that pleases other people. However, if you are dressing and acting for the pleasure of other people, you will eventually find that you are no longer in control of your life.

Depression and anxiety go hand in hand when you feel as though you are spiralling out of control. Whether social media or other factors are making you feel like your life is no longer yours, I want you to remember these two things.

Number 1: Breathe

When everything feels out of control, take some back by focusing on your breathing. Anxiety increases your heart-rate to a sometimes overwhelmingly high-frequency beat and focusing on slowing your breathing down can help reduce your anxiety. Find a space where you can be alone and just focus on inhaling and exhaling. By shifting your focus, your mind won’t be continually dwelling on what has made you anxious, if only for a little while.

Number 2: There is always a way

A situation may seem impossible to get out of. A problem may seem unsolvable. At the time of feeling extremely anxious or depressed you will feel as though there is no way out and that you are going to feel like this forever. But I am here to tell you that there is a way out. It may not be easy or fast, but there is a way and you should focus on the fact that there will always be a way. The purpose of terrible things happening in life will not be clear to us when they happen, but, I have found, the reason for many things plays out later down the line. So focus on yourself and your well-being, and eventually you will find a way.

As this post comes to a close, I would like to mention that I am not a qualified psychiatrist and my advice comes from personal experience. But I am here to talk to, if anyone feels a loss of control or motivation. Not only do I want this blog to thrive with ‘behind the scenes’ content, but I also want it to be a platform to share my voice and help others.

This time last year, I didn’t think that I would have the confidence to post on a blog or even be part of a fashion brand, but if your confidence comes from yourself and is for yourself, it is no longer scary.

So I leave you with a sneaky behind the scenes photo of a new piece from Ferrajean, starring yours truly (doing an impression of the dancing woman emoji), to show that even the shyest people can have confidence in themselves.


From FJ Marketer, Abby x

Behind the Sketch: ‘Flawed Beauty’

Welcome back everyone! Before I get into today’s post, I want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has supported this blog so far; it means a lot to everyone at Ferrajean!

Today I want to start a new series called ‘Behind the Sketch’. Almost every designer, artist or dreamer has sketched out their ideas on a napkin or scrap of paper. It is always so empowering to see people post pictures of their initial sketch of a dream and show how far they have come since they first put pen or pencil to paper.

This has inspired me to show you the exclusive behind-the-scenes sketches of the pieces that have so far come to life. I hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with us and you may just be inspired yourself!

The inspiration behind ‘Flawed Beauty’

Lucille first came up with the concept for the ‘Flawed Beauty’ dress from a project that she was working on at university.

Her focus was to combine something beautiful with something that was considered rough and ugly. From this, she had the idea of bringing the cut of a dress together using a chain. She viewed the chain as a rough material that is typically associated with being unrefined and aggressive. Through making the chain the main feature of the dress, in that it held the design together, she symbolised how something that is viewed as rough and primitive, can also be beautiful, if you look at it from a new perspective.

She originally decided to use satin as the main material for the dress but, upon finding a a shade of deep pink suede, she felt that this was a better fit. The suede, paired with the chain, emulated how something can be both beautiful and strong simultaneously.

20180130_183144                          IMG-20171119-WA0007

Sketches are available to view in the Gallery

Stay tuned for more like this, coming soon!

From FJ Marketer, Abby x