Behind the Scenes of a Ferrajean Photo-shoot!

amigos 2

Taken by Darius Knetsch,starring (left to right) Abby Doherty, Lucille Jean-Charles and Saskia Jean-Charles, 9/4/18

Hello everyone and welcome back!

It has been just over a month since I last posted (sorry!) but I am back and ready to share some exclusive behind-the-scenes goodness!

On 9th April 2018, the Ferrajean team took to South East London to have their second photo-shoot! It was a mad rush of getting everything to fit in a few suitcases, making sure we hadn’t lost anyone and braving the freezing cold weather. Despite how hectic the day was though, we managed to get the photos we were aiming for and bonded more as a team.

Today I will share some of our favourite photos from the day and I will later post more in-depth details from the day; so stay tuned!


  ‘Embellished Love’ Jumpsuit paired with white EGO heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


‘Be Jewelled’ two piece outfit paired with white EGO heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


‘Make Me Wild’ two piece outfit paired with nude heels, starring Saskia Jean-Charles


‘Make Me Wild’ dress paired with chunky nude heels, starring Shannon Merishaas 


Elegant red dress paired with white heels, starring Lucille Jean-Charles


(impromptu photo-shoot when we got home because Kamara fell in love with the ‘Make Me Wild’ trousers 🙂 #boujee)

‘Make Me Wild’ trousers paired with a long-sleeved black crop top, starring Kamara Atkinson

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak-peek into what Ferrajean will be releasing soon!

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(All pieces are hand-made by our extremely talented founder Lucille and all photos were taken by Darius Knetsch, apart from the last one taken by Lucille)

Until next time!

From FJ Marketer, Abby x