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Y2K Fashion 2023 Trends: What’s In, What’s Out

Thinking about good old times we want to evoke their spirit and the best way to do that is through fashion. Y2K style was a rejection of minimalism of the last decade and was very bold and eye-catching. We no longer see streamlined silhouettes that were one of the fashion trends of the 90s. Let’s take a look at how people dressed in the 2000s before we jump into the essential pieces.

Styling tips to get Y2K look in 2023

Art of layering

y2k layered outfit scene from movie thirteen

One of the most common themes was to layer things on top of each other. Don’t be afraid to experiment and clash colors or patterns, as this was very common in the early 2000s. Look for tops with ruffled sleeves, criss cross thin straps in the middle and see through materials. Just as a reminder it was common to even wear dress over jeans, which might be a bit controversial.

Denim rules


During the Y2K era, the double denim trend, often referred to as the “Canadian Tuxedo,” became a moment. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears made this look famous with their red carpet appearances and music videos. Pairing denim jackets with matching jeans or denim skirts with denim tops was a short lived trend.

But speaking about denim it escaped the form of jeans or jackets and was used in other garments. Denim bags, tops, boots and hats started to get recognition.

Fingerless gloves


Fingerless gloves were popular in the 80s fashion but the new millenium brought them back in a new style. They were no longer made of high end materials, rather cotton or acrylic. You could see that they often feature some motifs, with star being the most popular. Doesn’t care if it is cold or warm outside, they added that rebellious spice to your outfit. And to cross the line even more, you would often were only one glove.

Stack the Bling

avril lavigne from 2002 with stacked bracelets in y2k style

Y2K fashion was meant to be flashy and the best way to achieve that is with jewelry. That’s why stacking bracelets, necklaces or generally body jewelry was very popular and will give you that Y2K look in 2023. The best thing is that you don’t have to wear expensive metals, even material bracelets on each other will do the work.

Think Pink and purple

velour tracksuits in various colors

Everyone wanted to have something pink or purple, so girl, if you want to get that Y2K fashion in 2023 add these colors to your rotation. Pink will be especially popular in 2023, following the hype of Barbie movie. Additionally look for things with flower or butterfly motifs as they were really popular in the early 2000s.

Cross the line

y2k look with cross necklase

Watching many early 2000s movies I also observed that cross motif was very popular. You can find it as a detail on tops, jeans or standalone piece of jewelry. 

Top 7 trends to channel Y2K fashion in 2023

Baby tees


Baby tees, also known as crop tops or belly shirts, were undeniably one of the most iconic and memorable fashion pieces of the Y2K era. They are a good foundation to layer on other clothes or just as a statement piece alone. Look for the tees with funky graphics, slogans and let them pop.

Low rise jeans

scene from 2003 movie thirteen, showing girls in low rise jeans and crop tops in y2k style

As previous decades boasted high waisted pants, Y2K style welcomed a reverse from this direction. Jeans dropped the line but widened the leg creating a new silhouette. These hip-hugging denim wonders were a defining Y2K staple, and they’re back with a vengeance. Whether you opt for classic blue denim, bedazzled designs, or playful embroidery, low-rise jeans are an absolute must-have for nailing the Y2K look. To accentuate this they were styled with big, round belts or body jewelry.

Funky belts

bejeweled belt with big buckle in y2k style

To embrace Y2K style in 2023 you will need something to hold your low rise jeans. Y2K belts came in a variety of styles that perfectly encapsulated the fashion spirit of the early 2000s. From the glitzy allure of chain and rhinestone belts to the rebellious spirit of studded belts and the wide belts featuring bold buckles, each type had its unique charm.

Baguette shaped bags


The first “IT” bag was popularized by Carrie Bradshow in “Sex in the City”, who effortlessly strolled in New York carrying her Fendi bag. To accessorize it even better look for bags in vibrant, eye-catching colors or bejeweled ones. Fortunately you don’t have to throw your wallet for a designer bag, as any other bag in this shape will do the trick.

Velour tracksuits


While most of the typical Y2K pieces are not very convenient for sports activities velour tracksuits definitely give you a freedom of movement. This athleisure ensemble was sported by Paris Hilton who wore it in vibrant pink or purple colors. If you want an original Y2K piece, look for vintage Juicy Couture.

Tie front tops or cardigans

black lace top in early 2000s style

A key to Y2K fashion in 2023 is the art of layering clothes. If you look at pictures from the early 2000s girls were putting clothes on top of each other to let fabrics live with each move. Typical Y2K top features flared sleeve, ruffles and lace in the middle – providing many ways to style it. Cardigans have a very distinctive cut that narrows to the middle. Both pieces are typically made from sheer and lightweight materials

Where to buy Y2K fashion in 2023

Now that you know how to identify Y2K style and what pieces will give you that look comes time to upgrade your wardrobe. My favorite way to find unique pieces that give a certain vibe is to visit vintage and charity shops in your area. However, if you don’t have the time for that you can find some gems on the internet. For Y2K fashion in 2023 I suggest browsing platforms like etsy, ebay or vinted.  

There are also many designers that channeled Y2K style in their new collections. You can still buy original Joucy Couture velour tracksuits from their websites. Blumarine made it to headlines last year with their Spring/Summer 2023 show at Milan Fashion Week.

bluemarine and heaven marc jacobs capsule collection in y2k style. Source: WWD

But the brand that currently focuses on the y2k aesthetic in 2023 the most is Heaven by Marc Jacobs. It is more pricey but the pieces are revamping y2k style with modern approach and you can check them without leaving your room.

4 movies to find inspiration for Y2K fashion in 2023

The best way to understand what was a desired look of a certain time is to look at pop culture. From music videos to full length movies – essentials of Y2K style are saved on screen. Besides finding inspiration for your outfits you will also have a good time and better understand the vibe of early 2000s. Below is a list of my 4 favorite movies from this time frame when it comes to embodying Y2K fashion:

Coyote Ugly (2000)

Mean Girls (2004)

Thirteen (2003)

Bring It On (2000)

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